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Autor (up) Quartly, G. D.   
  Titel Altimeter repeat-track analysis -- a comparison of various algorithms for producing the mean profile Typ Zeitschrift, Artikel
  Jahr 1995 Publikation J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol Kurztitel der Zeitschrift  
  Band 12 Ausgabe 3 Seiten 674-686  
  Schlüsselwörter dynamical-oceanography; remote-sensing; satellite-altimetry; sea-level-measurement; geoid-; geostrophic-transport; statistical-analysis; errors-  
  Zusammenfassung Sea surface height may be measured by a satellite-borne altimeter and its along-track slope used to infer geostrophic currents. A major difficulty is that, in general, the local geoid and satellite orbit are not known to the accuracy desired. Thus, comparison is often made between repeat flights of an altimeter along fixed ground tracks in order to infer the changes in the currents. In practice, it is convenient to calculate a mean height profile from many repeat passes and use this as a reference, so that individual altimetric profiles yield variations about this mean. It is thus important to derive a high-quality reliable estimate of the altimetric mean in order to minimize the errors in the inferred flows for the individual repeats. This work examines various methods for deriving the mean profile.  
  Organisation Abschlussarbeit  
  Herausgeber Erscheinungsort Editor  
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  Editor der Reihe Titel der Reihe Kurztitel der Reihe  
  Band der Reihe Ausgabe der Reihe Edition  
  ISSN ISBN Medium  
  Bereich Expedition Konferenz  
  Notizen Zu bestellen Geprüft  
  Rufnummer Signatur 1302  
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